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A local law firm servicing clients in Berwick and the surrounding area.

Berwick Lawyers - James McConvill & Associates

James McConvill & Associates is a local law firm which visits clients at their homes, businesses, our private meeting rooms or another location convenient to the client. We service Berwick and the surrounding area. We have expertise in family law, criminal law (including crimes compensation), general and commercial litigation, business law, as well as wills and probate and elder law.

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Choosing to seek professional legal advice is a big decision. Initiating contact and taking the first step towards finding resolution can seem a daunting and intimidating task. We understand the magnitude of your situation and the impact it may have on your life and the people you care about most.


No matter is too small or 'beneath' James McConvill & Associates. Whatever the size of cliental or case we treat each with the same level of respect and dedication. We are committed to providing the best possible outcome to clients in Berwick and the surrounding area.


We also understand the concerns you might have regarding the costs surrounding legal advice and representation, and always endeavour to keep your costs to an absolute minimum.


A key feature of the firm is we can come to your home, business, work or another convenient location to meet you. There is no need for you to travel long distances at inconvenient times for the meeting. We are also available on weekends if you unable to meet during the week.

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Recent Testimonials
James McConvill is very dedicated to helping a person in a difficult & stressful situation. James is always there to help as he knows his job very well and does it very well.
- Michael
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